Overview of Research

Electronics and photonics technologies have both been evolving independently. In the last 30 years, electronics has grown rapidly through semiconductor circuits for a wide range of applications which was supported by advancement in fine processing technology. Photonics has brought its power in certain high performance domains, such as inter-chassis connection for supercomputers, and high-speed optical communication. Data centers and ICT equipments such as PCs which are essential in supporting today's ICT society are facing limitations for reducing power consumption, downsizing, and increasing performance. To resolve these difficulties, it is important to develop new architectures, devices, and systems that combine photonics and electronics technologies.

Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association (PETRA) is developing world-leading photonics devices, packaging and integration technologies through the collaboration of experts in these technology fields.


International conference "ISPEC2016" will be held by PETRA.
【NEDO】Successful Circuit Board Implementation of Chip-scale Optical Transceivers
【OFC】PETRA demonstrates Low Power Silicon Photonics I/O Core and 25Gbps transmission over 300m MMF.
"Contact us" page was prepared.
Started the “Photonics Electronics Convergence Technology for Power-Reducing Jisso System” project entrusted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).
Web site is open.